Catherine Doucette, MEd, CTDP

Workshop: Effective Communication for Stronger Workplaces


Catherine Doucette helps organizations grow through strategic planning, innovative problem solving, and customized training. She teaches Management Skills in the MBA program at the University of New Brunswick and serves as the New Brunswick Community College’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence in Saint John.

A lifelong learner, she holds a Master’s in Adult Education and a Certified Training and Development Professional (CTDP) designation. She has completed training in both the Simplexity Thinking System (Level II Facilitator) and the Experiential Learning Certification (Kolb).

Stephanie Holmes-Winton

Workshop: Get the Most from Your Income
Workshop: Retirement Income Strategies


Stephanie Holmes-Winton is the CEO and founder of CacheFlow, a software company that builds behaviour-based spending management applications for financial professionals & institutions to use with their clients. She spent a decade as a financial advisor helping clients get more life from their money, and first went on to launch training programs so other professionals could do the same before launching a software company.

Stephanie has written 2 books on spending and debt, Defusing The Debt Bomb, and $pent. Her advice on personal finance has been featured by the Globe & Mail, CBC Radio, CTV and many more. Thousands of financial professionals have enhanced their impact on their members, customers and clients using CacheFlow’s training and tools.

Ravi Tangri

Workshop: How to Grow Your Resilience in a Fast-Changing World


Ravi Tangri is the Chief Rocket Scientist for Chrysalis Strategies Inc. and the author of ‘Leading Authentically’ and ‘StressCosts Stress-Cures’. Whether he is growing co-creative leadership to transform the health care system, helping the largest liquid natural gas company in the Middle East grow its leadership, or helping entrepreneurs develop strategies to address today’s fast-changing world, Ravi helps leaders navigate the complex challenges they face today.

The secret to working in complex and chaotic environments is not to get lost in the complexity, but rather to find the simple, often-hidden leverage points that, with very little effort transform the whole system. Ravi mastered this skill in working with complex and chaotic systems in his first career as a nuclear physicist and has used this ‘lens’ to help leaders navigate their complex worlds and generate solid results for over two decades.

On top of this, Ravi is a master facilitator, with the ability to engage all they key players in the meaningful conversations they need to have to collectively co-create the way forward. Because the ideas he catalyzes originate within his clients, team buy-in and ownership result in innovative solutions that work. He has a solid track record of results both working within organizations and from the outside as a consultant, coach and facilitator.

Ravi has earned the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, the highest earned designation for the speaking industry and he was the 2011 national president of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. Ravi has an M.Sc. in nuclear physics and an M.B.A.