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Michelle Cederbeg

The Myth of Multitasking - How to Find Focus in a Distracted World

In an era of 24/7 connectedness and 'nose to the grind-stone' ideologies, multitasking has become something of a workplace badge of honour. In fact, it's often heralded as a 'work skill' in interviews and on resumes. But is it really? These days the overwhelm of technology and lack of boundaries between work and the rest of life mean that multitasking feels more like a necessity than a choice. How else will I get it all done? The truth is that multitasking doesn't make us more productive; in fact, the exact opposite is true. In this eye-opening session, you will:

  • Explore the signs of ‘auto-pilot living’, why it happens, and how to get off it.
  • Look at how multitasking impacts productivity, what's happening in your brain when you take on too much, and how it hinders learning and memory.
  • Discuss simple strategies for being more mindful and focused when it matters most.

With the pace of life ramping up, and hours in the day slipping away, focus and mindfulness matter now more than ever. This session will show you the way.

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Janice Butler

Simplify Your Life! Minimalism & More!

Janice Butler will guide you through a series of steps to make you realize the steps of decluttering your life so you can have more FREEDOM and JOY! You will get ideas and inspiration on how to find happiness through experiences instead of accumulating material things which our society often tells us we should value. Would you feel lighter if you did not spend so much TIME, MONEY, SPACE, and ENERGY on buying and maintaining all that STUFF? Butler realized two years ago that living a minimalist life and cleaning the clutter made room for a more fulfilling life! It doesn’t meaning doing without - it actually means having more of what you love! #Spark more Joy!

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Janna Hare

The Seven Elements of Trust

Working + Leading -- Without trust, there can be no meaningful connection between people. Trust is critical in every aspect of our lives, yet we struggle with how to talk about it. When we say “I just don’t trust you” to someone, it rarely helps. It’s overwhelmingly painful to hear and it gives us no direction about what specifically needs to change.

In this session, we’ll dig into what trust is, how it works, and how we can inventory and talk about the seven elements of trust in a meaningful and productive way. Trust is a product of vulnerability that grows over time and requires work, attention, and full engagement. Trust isn’t the grand gesture that we think it is —it’s a growing collection of small choices that we make every day.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to identify the seven elements of trust and how the BRAVING inventories can be used as a powerful tool to understand and talk about trust
  • How to recognize and talk about specific trust building behaviors that are important to YOU
  • How to more clearly identify and address breaches of trust within your personal and professional relationships

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Sarah McVanel

F.R.O.G. Forever Recognize Others' Greatness™

Energize yourself and your workplace through this fun, informative and inspirational session. Get ready to turn your notions about recognition on their head by exploring it through a powerful solution focused lens. A proven process for self, team and organizational recognition is offered, F.R.O.G. Forever Recognize Others' Greatness™, inviting you to identify key ways you can begin to shift your organizational culture right away. By the end of this session, you will be ready to trial easy, inexpensive and proven techniques for recognizing others in your workplace that support meaningful connection and lasting change. Let's focus on the strategic language, business case and human case for recognition that will convince, inspire and influence decision makers. Whether you're burnt out or energized, in a boom or bust economy, you can't afford NOT to recognize...starting now!

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Shawn Casemore

Collaborating for Success: Building Relationships for Success

Creating powerful relationships is critical to the success of any organization, however as each and every person is unique, the specific approach and time necessary to create a stronger and more productive relationship can often seem unclear or impossible. Add to this the demands on employees today to work with diverse groups, to “stay-connected” at all times and to hit organizational targets that are often disconnected from their daily reality, and the result can be a feeling of overwhelm and disappointment.

Fortunately, the solution is not as difficult to achieve as we might think. Achieving greater levels of collaboration is not a methodology as much as it is an understanding of people, our unique differences and how to capitalize on individual and group strengths in order to be more creative. Put differently, our success both individually and organizationally all hinge on our ability to build strong collaborative relationships. In this interactive session we’ll discuss the attributes of building powerful and productive collaborations with members, vendors and each other, helping us to help each other be more effective and achieve greater levels of success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Preparing for Collaboration: How to become a relationship chameleon.
  • Managing Expectations: Preparing others to support our needs.
  • Enhancing and Accepting Creativity: The unspoken benefit of effective collaboration.
  • Collaborative Outcomes: Increasing the value of every employee-member interaction.

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Robyn Tingley

Diversity and Inclusion

Winning workplaces are diverse and inclusive ones. They perform better, unleash creativity, and keep top talent engaged. Our workforce is undergoing significant changes as older workers retire, and younger, more diverse employees move into leadership positions.

In this workshop we’ll explore generational differences, key drivers of engagement, and what younger workers are looking for in a work environment where they can realize their full potential.

Learning Objectives

  • Review demographics about new career starters and key defining characteristics of this next generation, including mental health risk factors
  • Identify how to dispel harmful stereotypes
  • Analyze research findings from GlassSKY’s Millennial surveys about workplace attitudes and what younger workers want in terms of workplace communication, professional development, performance feedback, and sense of belonging.
  • Discover powerhouse skills and mindset from next-gen rising leaders on such topics as global diversity, collaboration, and tech savviness.

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Sarah McVanel

The Flip Side of Failing

Failure isn't something we like to talk about, let alone experience. We play it safe. We contain our expectations. We hide it and wonder "what's wrong with me?" or "what's wrong with this place?" What if, instead, we could ACCEPT failure as an inevitable, undeniable reality, and by doing so, build failure-resiliency in our organizations? Through powerful stories of greatness - from Everest Climbers to 3M Scholars, from award-winning Journalists to Olympians - learn how failure was their gateway to success. And how these transferrable lessons can be for your company culture. In this energizing and entertaining presentation (with a few fun twists), you will awaken possibilities, deepen connections, and improve individual and organizational performance by seeing greatness in a while new light.

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Janice Butler

Let’s go, Explore!

One of the best ways to open your mind is by exploring more...using your curiosity! It makes us realize that there is something else out there we never thought about or experienced. This presentation will give the participants the desire to go out of their way, out of their routine! The far, the small, the right in your face but often unseen, is celebrated through this session that will make the audience go “Wow! I can’t wait to explore, even my own backyard!” Feel the rush as you listen to the many hilarious and out of this world adventures that Janice has done throughout her life. It will transport you into the importance and benefit of discovering your world. It’s there... waiting for you... you just need to pick-up that curiosity and go!

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Shawn Casemore

Self-Empowerment: Developing Resolve, Resilience and the Drive to Thrive

In today’s fast paced, high stress work environments it’s crucial to be clear on what success looks like for us, our customers or clients and our organization. Achieving this clarity results from developing resolve, resilience and a deep-rooted internal drive. Although how we develop these traits is unique to everyone, there are key distinctions in their development that are based in becoming and remaining self-empowered. In this talk we discuss the origin of stresses in today’s workplace and introduce proven methods to develop resolve and resilience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Our unique characteristics and their influence on our perceptions and abilities
  • The power of resolve and resilience to navigate today’s new world
  • Proven methods to develop our individual resolve and resilience
  • Empowering ourselves to thrive and live a fulfilling life

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Catherine Doucette

Plug Back into Your Life

Technology is amazing – from vast amounts information at your fingertips to staying connected with friends. Yet it is how we use technology that determines whether or not it enhances our lives. In this hands-on workshop, recognize how technology can help you and learn ways to unplug when it doesn’t. Then make your own plan to use technology (or not) to do what matters most in your life.

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